Treatment Experience

Treatment Experience

If it is indicated by examination and appropriate diagnosis you will be scheduled to begin treatment.

There are three basic types of treatment that are scheduled daily.

1. The Chiropractic Adjustment – 30 minutes
2. The Hot Stone Massage – 60 minutes
3. A combination Treatment Including Both – 60 minutes

1. A Chiropractic Treatment is done on a patient who is fully clothed.

A. You come in – explain your pain scale (1-10)
B. I may do some palpation – (touching) or ask you to move in a certain way (motion palpation-range of motion), or perform an orthopedic test or muscle test for strength or impingement) I may check your reflexes.
C. I will ask you to lay face down (usually) and try to center your body over a flat bench. Checking that you are centered and square on the table, I may start to apply traction by gradually pulling the table apart slightly to stretch you. Using my hands I will start to apply myofascial release techniques to the spine and extremities to lengthen and straighten the myofascial or connective tissue layer that surrounds each muscle and is continuous throughout the body. As these tissues begin to relax the treatment continues with application of the VDP to areas of the spine that has subluxation (misaligned) or degenerated (worn out) to hydrate and expand the adjacent vertebral discs.
D. The next step is to adjust the spine using the activator instrument which is considered a non-force type of spinal manipulation. This is done using a set protocol that has been proven effective and was developed as a chiropractic technique of adjustment by Dr. Arlan Fuhr. The instrument can be set for customized comfort for each patient. The activator adjustment provides alignment for the entire bony skeleton.
E. Finally I may decide that you need a manual manipulation as well which might include any or all of the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar Spine, Pelvis or extremities, Wrists, Elbows, Knees, Ankles, or any joint needing it.

2. A Hot Stone Massage is done on the skin of the patient using oil or lotion and Hot Stones. The stones are heated to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a little hotter than your body, similar to a hot shower, and temperature can be adjusted according to skin tolerance. After applying warm oil to the skin (Grape Seed, Almond, or Jojoba usually) the stones are pressed into the muscles of your back. Using light to deep pressure. As the heat is absorbed by the body, the stones are replaced in the water and more hot stones pulled out to continue the massage. I am working with 12-50 stones of various sizes and shapes to fit all areas of the body. The muscles are heated, stretched and aligned with the spine during the massage.

3. The Combination Treatment is ideal because after a full body or area massage, your body will be more receptive to the chiropractic adjustment and the adjustment will hold longer. With less stress and strain on the joints from muscle or ligament tightness, you will begin to feel lighter, more mobile, more energy and strength following the treatment to remove any interference from the natural flow from brain and spinal cord to body.


Cannery Row Chiropractic is different! It’s a one-on-one learning experience with you and your doctor becoming aware of your body and how to take care of it. I will teach you what you need to know and align your body into a more comfortable posture, both actively and passively. Take an hour or two away from the rest of the world to focus on you! Then you can serve your family and community to your fullest expression.


The treatment consists of 30 or 60 minute sessions focusing on immediate needs for pain relief and support for surrounding tissues.

MT- Full body or focused area massage can be done by hand or by using hot stones for heat and compression. Myofascial release helps free muscle knots and improves flexibility and range of motion.

VDP- Tractions using the VDP is for decompression of the cartilage discs between the vertebrae. The VDP causes a negative vacuum pressure within the discs which draws fluid into the usually dehydrated disc cartilage to restore its normal thickness. Literally feeding the disc with hydration and nutrients promotes healthy cartilage pods and keeps the discs from pressing on nerves. This can be successful with many dehydrated, bulging, swollen and even herniated discs.

CMT- Chiropractic non-force and manual techniques of adjustment are used to restore balance and symmetry to the spine that is subjected to stress of everyday activities. The activator is a non-force adjusting tool with controlled minimal pressure to be used on the spine and extremities. It is great for those who prefer a technique that can be applied to more sensitive areas without audible sound.

Chiropractic adjusting

Techniques utilized include:

  • Thomson-Drop Table
  • Sacral/Occipital-sacral blocks
  • Cranio-sacral-cranial balancing-CSF
  • Gonstead-audible-side posture pelvic
  • Diversified-audible sounds-anterior thoracic with board
  • Leander-Traction Table mechanical TXN
  • VDP-Vertebral Dist. Pump-manual traction
  • Activator-Instrument
  • The manual manipulation techniques increase the range of motion at any joint. The body is much more adaptable to these techniques after massage. It helps to hold the adjustment when the muscle tone is more normal and not in spasm.

    The Result

    Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Traction and Chiropractic adjustment multiply the benefits of each in combination to produce lasting effects of balance and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Adding strength training, cardio exercise and stretching can integrate the bodies’ fullest potential for expressing optimal health.