History & Biography Background

Cleveland Chiropractic College- LA 1987
Private Practice on Monterey Peninsula 1988
Cannery Row Chiropractic 2008

         I Specialize in La Stone Massage because I believe the heat and cold in combination with the graded pressure of the stones is the best type of therapy to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain in many types of muscular-skeletal injuries and disorders, including Arthritis, Disc Degeneration and the strains and sprains of life leading to these malfunctions. The stones are volcanic basalt stones, obtained ecologically correctly from dried river beds in the Arizona desert. They are paired, blessed and smudged to prepare them for sue as massage stones.


        Treatment with Chiropractic and Massage can bring about a calming balance with lasting effects. Reshaping the body through manual techniques to relieve pressure on nerves and dedicate soft-tissues is healing. The body occasionally needs the influence of a trained practitioner to re-align, create symmetry, and remove stress created in our driven lives.

        I have a unique approach combining approach combining ancient knowledge with state of the art research and technology. In human systems to bring to light the possibilities in modern healthcare with compassion and genuine caring. No matter what shape you are in it is always beneficial to help alleviate pain and suffering that may be associated with structural imbalances.